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Rupter 1.0-1.4

Build from scratch with a AD8072 video opamp. But this is possible with nearly any video opamp. Its actually easy to build a circuit which corrupts the video signal. The hardest part is to keep the signal clean when all effects are off. These rupters are perfect imperfections. When all knobs are turned left, the signal is clean. >>



Stills from combination of hardware. Av3e / av5e / failter 7 / TBC of Electronic design and input image of mbp. These stills are for the next catalog. Designing your Imperfection, I love it! >>


Failter 7

Failter version 7, from a Alecto vmx600. Oldskool distortions, interference and scrambled video. Two major selections knobs with regulators and two extra roling video effects. >>


Rupter 0.1

In commision for the national theatergroup in Den Haag (NT) I build a simple video distorter. Its very basic but effective. One switch for on/off and a push button for action switching. When push button isnt active the orginal video is past thru. Works great. (over dieren, NT, 2010)


My gear

These are to controllers for 2x Panasonic AVE3 and a AVE5. And the other controller (small) is for the SV79, a bend JVC SV77. I use this when im performaning with Toktek. I use three screens, two 15" monitors on the table and one projection. So i can controller four circuit bend device with these controllers.


The book

'Glitch: Perfect Imperfections' is a book exploring the notion of beauty in the failure of technology. A collaboration of Iman Moradi, Ant Scott, Christopher Murphy and Joe Gilmore. It shows a very width scope of all those failures captured from 1984 till now. I finally received my copie of 'the book', but it was worth waiting. In stock


Failter 6

Failter 6, found 20 new enclosure for cheap. Based on a datavideo VP528 this machine give alllllloot playtime. working on a video but its endless... >>


Markant X

One of my cheap dvd player freaks out when bending a Datavideo VP. A negative voltage of 7,5 volt is send to the output of the dvd player and it wil stretch out one random horizontal line of the video. >>


Refomp 1.0

Redo the Omp. A portable video device is NTSC based and works as a video amplifier if all effects are off. The chip is a dual opamp AD8072, has a 75 ohms switch and will react on other devices if connected. >>



Commisioned panasonic AV5-Errors. The Casios under video bending with endless combination possibilities and stable video output because of build-in TBCs. Build in commision for David Lepolard of tntb and John Stanton >>


Failter 5

Rebelle vs Gitchism. In commision for Levlhed, you probably know him for owning a Restate Rebelle. Inside this failter there's again a video descrambler circuit as the codert 001 and the ftg-636. This circuit is great. Hard to find because its a real obsolete device that allot people thrash. >>



First time I use photoshop as a part of the process. These stills captured from the a av3e are modified in photoshop. I use the level option and put the input level on the white on minimum. This results in showing the background noise and extra artifacts that are normally not visual. >>



Sumburst gets stuck on the dac-10 while capturing a stream. Trying to grab some more from the Eddie 4 while it still works. Its a living piece of electronica. There are more lines, the color is less explosive and it losses sync more easily...



Dehancer build out of a enhancer of 'video master'. The circuit was too big as always, so I had to cut it because it needed to fit this enclosure. >>


Reflect Bent

Grabbed a nice glitch of the failing datavideo DAC-10 capture device. I was capturing the output of the codert 01 when my dac-10 got stuck on some bad syncs.  


Codert 02

New ones, the codert based out of a television decoder print. Talking about obsolete video hardware. I used the same print as the FTG-636 but this one is compact and doesnt have the option to combine options. >>


Codert 01

Compact glitcher as the codert 2, and stackable. Same as the codert 02: 12-way rotary switch and a potentiometer for effect level, a double switch for combo of effects. BNC connectors for easy use. >>



Mixed submedia stills out of a combinations of animations, the sv77 and a av3e. The setup I would use when playing live with Tom or a vj mnk gig. Animations are played in a max/msp patch, controlled by a joystick (scale, zoom, speed, select) going into a bent a jvc-sv77 (glitchy characters) and eventually thru a bend ave3 (interlaced offset/digital corruption). >>


Failter 4

Failt to work perfect. Failter 04, last build and not even working. It broke down when I was mounting the knobs and switches. It still distorted the signal on some switches and theres still a dirty mixer inside. >>



Next bent ave3 from panasonic.  Build in commission but serving a exposition at the IMOCA in Dublin named Refunct '09. Benjamin Gaulon asked me to join his expo. The expo is from 22 august until 28 of septembre.



Stills from a mad timebase corrector from 1989, gml dvp. One of the first digital video mixer with full double time base correction. The circuit is huge and the machine weights around 15 kilo. Too bad I blow up one channel already. Animations as input video. >>  



Stills from av5-e; tweeked till I found some compositions. Grabbed from a stream of video av5e. These images are generated by the machine, with no input. it is the buffer to the ground >>  


Minimal Omp

No pcb video amp like the minimal video mixer this version is actually working. Completely unusefull but so fun to build. Don't hide everthing in the black box. >>  


Failter 3

Failtert, version 3, from the Alecto vmx-500 and still I can't find the same effect back. I draw serveral schematics of previous version of the vmx-500, but always turns out different. That makes it interesting and fun. >>  



OpAmp 01, a homemade circuit based on a video op-amp from analog. The AD8072 is a dual opamp which can be used to boost video, split a soucre or use it for boost your bends. >>  



Video Brutality 302 second version luxon va-300 bent. Still there are combinations to find... Black edition extension box, with bypass and seperate effect switches. >>  



Mozaik Gritch from the panasonic av5e. Colorized with the mixer, mozaik effect on and glitch on audio input. So much to see, so much to grab. >>  



AV5-E, panasonic at his best! AV5-Error is a ultimate audio visual glitching device with two video inputs and two audio inputs that can separately glitch the video input. Both video sources have 12 effects that can be combined and eventually effect each other. >>  


Failter 2

Failter 2.0, a second failter retro-design. I bought these enclosures at a second hand site, 20 for 50 euro's. The Failter 2 has a datavideo circuit inside and is modified with 8 effects over 4 knobs and a dirty mixing app. The default function of the datavideo video-fade, color, enhance are still in use. >>  



FTP Notch, orignally exported image sequence from captured material from my eddie 4, grayscaled and uploaded as text via ftp server. >>  



Modded midi controller from the oxygen 8, m-audio. The orignal oxygen is a solide midi controller with 10 variable controllers and 25 keys. But I didn't like the keyboard anymore, I always mixed up the assiged function when changing softs... So I put it al in a smaller box and configurered my own design. >>  


Failter 1

Failter 1.0, because there will be more of these. Retro-style enclosure with unique video apps. This one has two inputs and two outputs, they can be mixed (dirty), and the two amped outputs are different from each other. >>  


Conic Dirty Mixer

Pong your image together with the dirty mixer. Ha, found these conic pong controllers for 2 euro each. Inside a ready to go 1K potmeter, perfect and playable video unsyncer. btw, you could use this also as a fade to black if you connect one source...  



Gritch the buffer. A selection stills of captured video stream of the AVE-3. Because this mixer as a external sync generator inside it doesn't require a video input. The image is fully created by the bend AVE-3. The last 5 stills are in combination of the mosaic effect, a standard function of the AVE3. >>  


Luxon VB-300+

Video Brutality II from the Luxon VA-300, a very good bendable video processor that has cool default video functions! Like a negative, three color sliders for contrast, saturation and complement plus a bypass switch. And now its even better, its bend. And will propper f*ck up one of the two video inputs! >>  



Digital video corruption Oi, the circuit bent Panasonic AVE-3! Finally, after a fried ave-3 and a ave-5 here it is. This baby is good for digital glitch effects on video input. With a clean sync, no noise, all standard functions working (strobe, nagative, still, mosaic) allot combos with only 12 wires and a great a/v synchro glitch effect, its a hell of a machine. >>  



Second edition of the sima character generators for distortion on video input. Mostly generates vertical lines / blocks / streips but also ruins your input. Portable an playable. >>  



New stills from the Sima Magic Color writer. Nothing magic about the device, the outcome on the other hand raises more qeustions. Captured analog video stream from a ciruit bent session on a Magic Colorwriter. Of 40 min captured material there was actually 48 usefull frames, these stills where the best fitting >>  



Video brutality, second version bent Alecto vmx-500. These devices are perfect for quick video scrolling effect for video editors, vj's or people looking for video mayhem aesthetics. They run on 9v batteries, if you don't like to bent on dc-power gadgets. There are allot video faders like the Alecto VMX-500, that have the same circuit and probably te same distortions aesthetics >>  



Footgritcher, get scrambled! Originaly pcb is a video descrambler, an obsolete cheap ass analog video board. A video dscrambler adds sync to a certant video channel in order to receive it. Now with digital transtiming these device are bent-ready. Making it workable is the trick, again! Keep it clean when nothing is connected, is a hell of a job.>>  


Dirty Mixer

Dirty, cheap non-sync video mixer works when you like a vertical scrolling images. Here's a really simple way to mix two video soucres. This unofficial but effective way of mixing has his aesthtics but can be used as effect. One potentiometer (1K ohm) and some connectors + switches and you have yourself a video mixer (ha)... >>  


USB Controller

Usb game pad mod. I needed a simple usb controller with normal turning knobs. The gamepad that I found for 10 euro have two joystick with springs so they are always centered. Its a cheap and simple way to have a usb controller. I used 4.7K ohm potentiometers to replace the joysticks and mounted in another box. >>  



Cheap and small video mixers are a must have for live visual artist or technicians. Just a simple pocket size video mixer with dissolve function for two video sources. And I'm apparently not the only one, its a frequently asked gadget. Here's a overview, info, links on cheap, easy -to-get Video Mixers and Time Base Correctors.  

11-11 / 11-12-06

DeHancer 1.3

De-enhance video input in portable game pad style. For live visual interruptions and video distortions. Traditional esthetics and easy to use for PAL and NTSC video signals. Its from a Saba video enhancer and audio mixer. Their are different brands of these poorly regulated devices on ebay. The Dehancer 1.3 is for sale! Ebay auction >>  



Random Title Generator from Bauer Bosch (VTG-1000). Generates distorted random characters on video input. Sometimes in a bit glitchy and unexpected way. Its a hardware patch that can be seen as content for live visuals. I picked out the bent that where suitable for me, but there's enough to find in this portable and solid device. >>  



Video Scrambler from Vivanco, VCR3022. With extension box that's actually bigger than the original device this scrambler is made for vj-ing. The power switch is replaced by a on/off effect switch. With a preview out its possible to tweak the image before sending it out. Four general fx's with on/off, 8 push button fx's with bank-switch, 2x2 fx's, 2x audio reflection. >>  


Video Body Contact: Eddie 4

Analog Video manipulation by body contact. A analog body touch video synthesizer. The outcome looks like a typical soft-generated image but its better than real-time, its analogue! Its tangible and very direct (when touching there's instant change of image), full color and beautiful gradient, plus there are endless abstract forms to find. >>


Portable video disturber

AVM-570 is orignaly a ambico vmx-550 or 500. Also the vmx-600 has the same print layout only one audio function extra. Portable video noiser with two ways of audio distortion on video signal, and three different effects how influence each other. I like it because its so small and portable. Very useful for vj-sets! I could only try it once with a dj-set with Jorg from Lomechanik, before it was sold. >>  



The third generation osd-glitcher. Takes the jx-sv77 characther generator to oasis of disorder. With very stabile sync signal this machine offers a large diversity in osd-glitch appearance. Triggered by the audio input only it can varied from very 'coincidental' osd-glitch visuals till constant sync glitch in different compositions or random m. I like the aesthetics, its in some way a combo between old film grain/noise with (game) computer failures. >>



SunSlide API

Aesthetically Pleasing Images. I couldn't keep these video stills on my hard drive. This images are created with my newest video bender, the SIMA ed/it 4. I found a very cool bent that enables me to manipulate the video by body contact. >>




S-video to composite noiser. The rotation version on the v_noise-keypad I did last year with bnjnm. The s-vhs signal transports video trough 2 wires instead of 1. Info on this conversion can be found here. It still converts s-vhs to composite video but.... I added some resistors and capacitors to interfere the signal. It includes audio interference. >>




Repurposing the sv77. Finished the breakout box as you can see. I still have to carry the huge mixer with me, thats not really practical. The 10 switches are for the wipes, I can combine wipes and put it on the audio (regulated with potentiometers). Than there are three different OSD glitches that can be turned on and off. >>



OSD bending

Working on audio visual bender that generates typographic glitch. The machine makes a visual representation of the audio on the wiped area. I made 32 wipe bends that can be combined with a breakout panel. feels like a playful tool, with combinations between different "effects" I can do my own wimamp visuals with 18,00 euro video mixer. The most interesting circuit bends I found where that with one of the OSD (On Screen Display) chips. It intersects on audio input the visual outcome, sometimes animated. Funny; you see allot zero's and one's..... >>


DVD Grid

This video still is a pause still of a cheap dvd-player. I burned "rex" again on a dvd, but used the max bit rate for encoding the uncompressed version. The dvd-player doesn't get it, but give awesome glitch-alike. They always represent in same aesthetics.  


Video Prints

Constant paper jams making one print a victory. Getting a print from the Sony CVP-M1E color video printer is difficult, the result is pure and deep colored. I brought this machine on a second hand site for 7,50 euro with extra cartridge and paper! A glitch is always unique, so print it. A white frame is glitched on music (toktek off course). It's even possible to print two stills on one card without digital compression.

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Audiovisual composition with tool as co-author. With a white frame as input on the modified Sony_01 this expression is made with the audio-input of Tiedoe (by Toktek). All extra visuals are created with the Pinnacle MovieBox 9™ and Sony XV-A33f_01.

see Tiedoe small